Magnetic Balls


Neodymium magnetic balls is the most recent concept introduced into the world of permanent magnetic motors. These balls are extremely hard and are also known as heavy-duty neodymium magnetic balls or NdFeB balls. The NdFeB magnetic balls bear a strong resemblance to the natural whale teeth. The teeth look like the molars, which are present in human mouths. The NdFeB balls bear a strong resemblance to the natural whale teeth. The teeth of the human body contain magnet structures that give it strength and power to hold a variety of weight loads.

Neodymium Magnetic Balls

The Neodymium magnetic balls is extremely hard and thus, they are not able to be cut or carved. The Neodymium balls must have an inner core to support the external sphere, thereby making these balls extremely stable and strong. This inner core has the capability to hold a number of spheres at a time. The high quality steel that is used for manufacturing Neodymium sphere magnets is extremely strong and has the capability of supporting hundreds and thousands of gram weight.

The strength and hardness of Neodymium magnetic balls are further enhanced by adding an element called rare earth metal. The rare earth metal enhances the Neodymium ball’s electrical field by inducing a superior electrochemical charge into the ball that causes the attraction of the magnetic sphere. This results in the production of a powerful electromagnetic energy and the internal structure of the ball becomes completely unaffected and free of stress. The Neodymium balls can create a permanent magnetic field by drawing the magnetic field toward itself and this is a useful way of maintaining a constant flow of energy within a workplace or any other place where heavy construction is required.

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